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Get Your Teeth witening Training wit us

Get FREE teeth whitetening training with all our professional packages. You will also get a free training step by step manual.


Training Manual

Get our free trainig guide where you will find all potential client cases and step by step process.

No Experience Needed

Our trainings are designed for new technicians with No previous experience . Easy language and step by step process.

Work on Model

Theory is quite important however, practice is equally important. Our live model training will get you the hands on experience you need.

2 Hours Training

2 Hours training from the confort of your own home or Salon. All you need is a smart phone

Work On Model

Our training cosists of 2 parts. Theory , were we will go over the whitening baiscs, whitening scince, problems, process.. and pratcie where you will be able to work directly with a live model.

Teeth whitening

Get the most trusted teeth whitening trainig in America

Low Stratup cost

Recover your investment in no time. Most of our clients recover their investment within 2 month. Using our detailed financial and pricing model you will recover your initial investment in no time !